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IronHub is the leader in the identification, value appraisal and ultimate data management processes for oilfield equipment and material assets, trusted by energy companies to mitigate risk when facing decisions regarding redeployment, divestment or purchase. Our holistic materials management technology solution features a fully-integrated platform that seamlessly fuses inventory management services and external marketplace services to facilitate capital recovery – all at the click of a button. Clients can also track KPI’s and see data analytics demonstrating the value-add through our real-time dashboard.


We make it easy and transparent to discover, procure, manage, optimize or monetize inventory that can be redeployed, saving you time and helping to recover your capital. If you have equipment and material inventory and aren’t sure where to begin, IronHub offers simple, seamless and performance-based solutions.

  • Integrates with existing procurement processes aiding both internal and external users
  • Catalogues ALL material and equipment and gives full visibility into available and verified inventory
  • IronHub’s materials management platform includes low friction capture and assessment practices that are completed in days
  • Critical tracking of KPI’s, data and analytics confirms value-add for clients, including cost-avoidance, through IronHub’s real-time dashboard
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Our integrated, performance-based technology solution includes complementary services for the management of oilfield material and equipment assets.  We make it easy and transparent to save time and recover capital.

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