Our Values

Trust and integrity are pillars of IronHub. Our talented professionals have a strong track record of doing what’s right for stakeholders and consistently servicing clients with the utmost integrity and honesty. Our clients and customers trust IronHub to optimize their materials management, while those seeking equipment can have confidence knowing that assets profiled on our marketplace have been verified with transparency around the seller.

Integrated and Collaborative Approach

IronHub makes it easy and transparent to discover, procure, manage, optimize or monetize excess oilfield equipment and materials, ultimately saving time and recovering capital. Our collaborative platform prioritizes ease of use and eliminates logistical or administrative burden for clients. The Company’s goal since inception has been to help the energy industry unlock, or put to work, the over $4.5 billion of redeployable asset value which exists in Canada today.

Our integrated approach allows us to rapidly identify, assess, manage and share details about equipment and material assets to both internal and external users with unparalleled visibility. We provide a collaborative online marketplace to showcase asset listings with full specs, photos and supporting documents, open to an integrated universe of potential buyers – similar to Expedia or Amazon.

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